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Providing Other Family Law Services in In Irvine and Throughout Orange County, CA

Since 1987, Michel & Rhyne has prided itself on being a full service Orange County family law firm. Family law matters involve much more than divorce and related issues. Whether you need a domestic violence lawyer or legal help with some other family law controversy, our office can help. We have more than 70 years of combined experience serving clients in Irvine and surrounding communities.

Legal Help from Trusted Domestic Violence Lawyers

California law considers abuse or threat of abuse as domestic violence when targeted towards an intimate partner or someone closely related by blood or marriage. One remedy for victims of domestic violence is a restraining order. Some of the protections provided by a restraining order include preventing an abuser from contacting or coming near a victim, forcing an abuser to move out of a victim’s home, and also prohibiting an abuser from carrying a firearm. A restraining order can infuriate your alleged abuser, which makes being successful when seeking an order even more important. On the other hand, a restraining order being sought against you could be based on misinformation or ill intent. Whether you are seeking a domestic violence restraining order or opposing one, it is critical to have an experienced lawyer at your side.

Representing Clients in Paternity Disputes Throughout Southern CA

Many children in California are raised by only one parent—their mother. The mother may suspect who the father is, but does not know how to prove it. An Orange County family lawyer can help establish fatherhood—paternity—in California. Establishing paternity is important for several reasons. For one, it must be proven before a court can order child support. For another, it qualifies a child for certain advantages that follow from paternity such as health insurance coverage from the father’s work. It also gives the father potential custody and visitation rights. Our paternity lawyers are well-versed in California paternity law.

Dedicated Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

A prenuptial agreement is a pre-marital contract wherein two people identify their separate assets and debts and dictate what their property rights will be in the event of a divorce. Signing a prenuptial agreement is not an indictment on your future marriage. It is simply careful planning. An Irvine prenuptial agreement lawyer can help protect your legal and financial interests with a pre-marital contract irrespective of your wealth or parenthood status.

Helping Clients with Palimony and Other Non-Marital Relations

Palimony is a concept very different from property division and alimony found in divorce. The term was coined by journalists to describe the express or implied agreement between partners in a non-marital relationship regarding one partner’s payment of support to the other after the relationship ends. The family laws that govern divorce in California do not apply to non-marital break ups. We recommend creating a cohabitation agreement that covers whether one partner will make support payments to the other and for what amount.

Consult an Irvine Family Law Firm with a History of Proven Results

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