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Irvine Family Lawyers serving the Los Angeles metropolitan area

No matter the nature of your family law issue, the outcome will affect your most intimate relationships and quality of life in some way or another. Cases of this magnitude deserve quality legal representation you can count on. Michel & Rhyne is one of the most trusted family law firms in southern California. We are committed to helping you obtain a favorable outcome in your family law matter.

Trust Your Divorce to a Dependable Family Lawyer

The legal and financial consequences of an unfavorable divorce are far-reaching. Everything is affected—your life, your career, the relationship with your children. That is why so many couples who decide to end their marriage do so with the legal help of knowledgeable Irvine divorce lawyers like Michel & Rhyne. Our office has represented numerous clients in California divorce since 1987. We have wide-ranging experience handling all matters that may arise during the process.

Fighting for a Fair Spousal Support Determination

Alimony is a critical issue for Irvine family law attorneys in many divorce cases. Whether you are the support-seeking spouse or the one from whom support is being sought, we understand the harm of too little or too much spousal support, whichever the case may be. Each of our lawyers is prepared to fight for an alimony determination that fairly reflects your financial condition and needs.

Resolving Important Child Custody and Support Disputes

If there are children from your marriage, child custody and child support will almost certainly be two central issues in your divorce. How these issues are resolved has a significant impact on the nature and quality of the relationship with your children. It also affects whether and how much support you owe for their upbringing. Our family lawyers appreciate the sensitivity and importance of these matters. We enjoy a strong reputation in the field regarding our record of obtaining favorable outcomes in child custody and support disputes.

Providing Alternative Dispute Resolution for Divorcing Couples

Divorce mediation is the best choice for many couples in California hoping to end their marriage in less time and at a lower cost than typical litigation allows. We work closely with couples to resolve their differences and reach a settlement agreement that is advantageous to both parties. As long as you and your spouse put forth a good faith effort, we can bring your marriage to an end without the quarreling and fighting of traditional divorce litigation.

Serving Clients in All Aspects of California Family Law

Besides the issues we handle for clients relating to divorce, our office provides a host of other family law services. These involve issues like domestic violence, paternity, prenuptial agreements, palimony and more. We are truly a full service law firm when it comes to your family law needs.

Consult a Helpful Family Law Firm Irvine Residents Trust

If you are going through a divorce or need help with a family law matter in California, contact Michel & Rhyne for quality legal help you can rely on. We worry about your family law problems so you don’t have to.