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Protecting Your Child Custody Case

The most important step parents can take to protect their child custody case is having a skilled and experienced custody lawyer present to protect their rights. In addition to experienced legal counsel, parents should understand how California courts view their parent-child relationship. It is also important for parents to act in ways that put them in a favorable light with the courts.

Factors that influence the courts when deciding child custody

An Irvine child custody attorney provides excellent legal guidance and representation geared to help parents win their case. A lawyer can also apprise parents of California statutes that contain important child custody guidelines.

For example, under California Family Code Section 3040, when granting custody, the court considers which parent “is more likely to allow the child frequent and continuing contact with the noncustodial parent.” Child custody hearings are not always just between parents. Any non-parent seeking child custody must prove through clear and convincing evidence that parental custody would be detrimental to the child. Some other steps that can help a parent win a case include the following:

  • Carefully adhere to all court orders regarding the child
  • Do not say anything that undermines the other parent in front of the child
  • Treat the child lovingly and keep the child’s best interest in mind

It is a good idea for parents to rearrange their schedules to meet the child’s needs. They should act responsibly, picking up the child on time and personally handling the child’s transportation to and from places rather than letting someone else do it, such as a friend, relative, work associate or assistant. When driving children, ensure they use seat belts or booster seats. Drive safely and maintain a good driving record. At home, make sure the surroundings are child-proofed and keep guns locked up and out of children’s reach. Be actively involved in the child’s schooling and stay in good communication with school administrators, the child’s teachers, counselors and sports coaches. Also maintain good communication with the child’s physician.

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