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An Irvine Child Support Lawyer You Can Rely On

Child support is a hotly contested issue in many California divorces. Since 1987, Michel & Rhyne has helped parents favorably resolve their child support matters. Parenting is a responsibility that endures despite the end of marriage, and child support plays an important role in making sure both parents share that responsibility. If child support is an issue in your divorce, you need an attorney who can make sure your support obligation or entitlement is a fair reflection of your financial situation.

Advocating for a Fair Child Support Determination

Whichever side of a child support determination you are on, the primary task for your Irvine child support lawyer is to make sure the court’s decision is fair. As a parent seeking child support, too little makes it difficult to account for all of your child’s financial needs. On the other hand, a child support obligation too high for your financial situation is burdensome if you are the parent from whom support is being sought.

Much like spousal support, child support rulings in California are based on a number of factors considered by courts. Some of the factors courts consider per the state’s child support guidelines include:

  • Income and earning potential of either spouse
  • Number of children between the couple
  • Relative amount of time either spouse spends with the child or children
  • Other child support obligations of either spouse
  • Costs of health insurance

Enforcing Child Support Orders in Southern California

Despite obvious court orders, parents often find their former spouse consistently fails to satisfy their child support obligation. Fortunately, remedies are available and attainable with the advice of an experienced family lawyer. One remedy is wage garnishment. Instead of relying on your former spouse to make actual child support payments, the appropriate amount is automatically withheld from their paycheck. Another remedy is holding your delinquent former spouse in contempt of court. Since failure to pay child support is an open violation of a court order, a court can punish your spouse with a significant fine and even jail time.

Seeking Modification of a Child Support Order

California law recognizes that financial circumstances can change over time. Being promoted at work or losing your job can both be grounds for child support modification, upwards or downwards as the case may be. A modified custody arrangement can also be grounds for support modification, so you need a qualified child custody attorney capable of addressing the issue should it arise.

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