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For many couples in southern California, certain marital issues are simply too much to endure, and it becomes clear the marriage has come to its end. At Michel & Rhyne, we understand how difficult it is to reach this point. It is important to rely on an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer to handle the legal aspects of your divorce so you do not have to. Your only concerns should be your well-being and picking up the pieces from your divorce.

Legal Help from Trusted Divorce Lawyers in Irvine

Divorce in California involves a lot of moving parts—several matters must be resolved before marriage dissolution becomes final. These family matters include property division, child custody and support, and alimony. Some couples can resolve these issues amicably and agree on the terms of their marriage dissolution with little effort. Other couples simply cannot agree, and divorce negotiations reach an impasse. In either case there are significant legal and financial interests involved, so it is imperative to navigate through the divorce process with the help of an experienced attorney.

Much of the disagreement that causes an impasse in the dissolution of marriage is the very nature of the adversarial system itself—both sides trying to win. Sometimes a more cooperative approach to divorce is in everyone’s best interests. A mediation lawyer plays a large role in interest-based negotiation, helping spouses reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Most divorce mediation saves considerable time, money, and effort as compared to traditional divorce litigation. Our office has extensive divorce mediation experience.

Advantage of Relying on Knowledgeable Divorce Lawyers

The primary advantage of having an experienced Orange County attorney to rely on is the peace of mind that comes with it. You are already reeling from the emotion of divorce, but then you consider the magnitude of the divorce process, and it is easily overwhelming. Our office not only protects your interests and makes sure your marriage dissolution is fair; we also answer your questions about divorce. This process is unfamiliar for most, so it is natural to have questions that need answering. Our lawyers are seasoned practitioners with combined family law experience in excess of 70 years.

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