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Trusted Practitioners Offering Orange County Divorce Mediation

Many couples in California looking to dissolve their marriage hope to do so in a manner that is typically more efficient and less expensive than traditional divorce—the process is called mediation. Michel & Rhyne has helped clients obtain a divorce through both mediation and litigation since 1987. With the help of our attorneys, you and your spouse can agree on a fair marriage dissolution settlement and avoid the unnecessary costs and hassles of divorce litigation.

Purpose and Structure of Mediation

The ultimate goal of divorce is to separate the legal interests of either spouse from marriage and put in place a plan going forward involving child custody, child support, and alimony as needed. The difference between divorce mediation and litigation is that mediation is cooperative, whereas litigation is adversarial. In mediation, essentially both spouses agree to mediate their divorce, hire a neutral intermediary—the mediator—and commit to making a good faith effort to settle their differences. The mediator’s role is to define the parties’ differences, explain the legal implications, and help the parties agree on a settlement. When an agreement is reached, it is sent to the court for approval. Without an adversarial setting to impede progress, mediated divorce agreements are usually quicker and less expensive to finalize.

Dedicated Alternative Dispute Resolution from a Trained Attorney

Divorce mediators can be judges, attorneys, or mental health professionals. If you choose an attorney, you want one with proper mediation training and wide-ranging Irvine family law experience. In our office, Orange County mediation lawyer Karen Rhyne has over 27 years of experience practicing family law in southern California. Divorce mediation is a passion of Ms. Rhyne. She believes it is in everyone’s best interests if spouses can come together and work out their differences at the negotiating table. Ms. Rhyne is certified by the California State Board as a family law specialist. She has extensive mediation training and experience.

Be Sure Divorce Mediation is Safe if You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence

Since divorce mediation brings spouses together, consider whether it is safe for you as an alternative to traditional divorce, particularly if you are the victim of domestic violence. Your safety is paramount. Do not put yourself in a dangerous situation for the sake of mediation.

Speak with a Helpful Lawyer Right Away

If you and your spouse are considering alternative dispute resolution for your divorce, contact Michel & Rhyne to learn how we can help you reach a divorce settlement through mediation.