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Recent Blog Posts

Protecting Your Child Custody Case

The most important step parents can take to protect their child custody case is having a skilled and experienced custody lawyer present to protect their rights. In addition to experienced legal counsel, parents should understand how California courts view their parent-child relationship. It is also important for parents to act in ways that put them… Read More »

Debt and Divorce in California

During a divorce, property and assets must be divided amongst the partners. These assets include all debts incurred during the marriage. Debt can be a huge source of contention during the divorce process in Orange County, CA. Couples with high debts and high assets may travel a rocky road without proper assistance. California is a… Read More »

Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for You?

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the ultra-wealthy anymore. Anyone who has worked hard to accumulate significant assets may consider drafting a premarital arrangement before the big day. Although a prenuptial agreement may seem unromantic, preparing for all possible future events is important. In today’s age of uncertainty and economic fluctuations, California prenuptial agreements are… Read More »

Property Division During Divorce in California

Ending a marriage can be a complicated process. This is especially true if you have been married a long time, have minor children together and maintain significant assets and property. When it comes to property division, California is a community property state. Essentially, all marital property is divided equally between the spouses. Your Irvine divorce… Read More »

When Supervised Visitation is Necessary

Determining child custody is one of the most agonizing aspects of divorce proceedings. You, your ex-spouse, your attorneys and the court must determine what is in the best interests of the child. In most cases, joint custody is in order. However, in situations in which the welfare of the child is at risk, supervised visitation… Read More »



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